In a business school of over 7,000 students, and 47 different business organizations, students can often feel overwhelmed. Last year, Drew Mayerson, a current second-year, finance major, found himself trying to find his place in Fisher until his roommate showed him the flyer of a new business fraternity being launched. He then proceeded to contact the number on the flyer and decided to assist in founding a business fraternity. From there, Phi Gamma Nu, a new business fraternity at the Fisher College of Business was formed. This semester, they initiated their first pledge class of 25 new members.

          Phi Gamma Nu is an organization that produces leaders who are devoted to professionalism, service, and brotherhood. This fraternity is founded on three different pillars: Professional, Social, and Philanthropy, with a strong focus on both diversity and an entrepreneurial spirit. By encouraging entrepreneurship, they empower others to harness their passions. At Ohio State, they are members of all communities who seek to further the diversity of their campus.

          Phi Gamma Nu has four founding members including Kara Miles, Sophie Coull, Neil Brown, and Alec Feldstein who discussed the idea of bringing a new business fraternity to Fisher just last year.

          Miles, a current junior, accounting major and president of Phi Gamma Nu, felt that, “There was more demand than there was supply” regarding business fraternities at Ohio State; therefore, the need for another business fraternity was quite present. The four founding members proceeded to contact the national chapters, and 

since then, the national level has had a prevalent role in the startup of the chapter, Epsilon Gamma.

          Being a new business fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu gives students the opportunity to make it what they want it to be. The opportunities this fraternity presents was a huge draw for many students like freshman, finance major, Jenna Vespi. Vespi mentioned how, “Every brother brings so much to the table.”

          Another key characteristic of a business fraternity is the work that goes into building it up. Mayerson, External Vice President, mentioned how the startup of a new business fraternity is similar to, “What businesses would go through with marketing.”  Phi Gamma Nu has taken the time to recruit new members and build up the fraternity so they can truly leave their stamp on the chapter, and they do this in a variety of ways.

          Phi Gamma Nu emphasizes diversity not only through the people they accept, but through the majors and minors that these students hold. This semester, they have partnered with the multicultural center by having speakers talk about how to create an inclusive organization. 

          To create an inclusive environment, they need to educate their members
and create a sense of understanding for everyone involved. Sarah Long, Membership Vice President said that this is, “An extra step to celebrate people for being themselves.”

          This semester, Phi Gamma Nu has held several events. They did a site visit to a startup company and also spoke with corporate organizations like Bath and Body Works. Other events have focused on learning about themselves in a professional sense.

          This semester, new pledges are required to complete a capstone project which is like Shark Tank, but Phi Gamma Nu’s take on it. Through this, new members are tasked with 

coming up with a new innovative company or product that addresses a need consumers have that is both profitable and sustainable. These skills will help them with future case competitions and careers.

          Another initiative that was started this year was Mental Health Mondays. This philanthropy initiative ensures that all members and peers are in a good mental health state.. Destiny Jones, the chair of this event,

coming up with a new innovative company or product that addresses a need consumers have that is both profitable and sustainable. These skills will help them with future case competitions and careers.

          Along with building a strong base for the fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu has also been focused on responsibility. Miles mentioned how, “Everyone has their hand in everything. You’ll see it through to the time you graduate. You can be initiated in December and can run for an executive position shortly after.”

          Phi Gamma Nu’s current executive board includes President Kara Miles, External Vice President Drew Mayerson, Internal Vice President Amber Ruby, Membership Vice President Sarah Long, Finance Vice President Neil Brown, and Communication Vice President Haylee 

Campbell. Along with these six leaders, Phi Gamma Nu offers immediate leadership opportunities for new members, and the ability to grow as a leader, and as a person.
          As Phi Gamma Nu establishes
their footing in the Fisher College of Business, they hope to establish some traditions so that current and future members can look back on the work they accomplished and be proud of their time in the fraternity.