The Best Damn Band in the Land. It is a title that has spanned generations of Buckeyes as a symbol of pride almost as recognized as the football team itself. As one of the most prominent groups on The Ohio State University’s campus, the marching band has been a longstanding favorite of the Ohio State community. In addition to its success at Ohio State, the marching band has also begun receiving nationwide recognition.

          The band’s music, along with its formations and dances, has catapulted them to success and has captured the attention of thousands of people. Most recently, their “floss” dance formation went viral on social media and received vast television coverage. In addition to this media coverage, the Ohio State Marching Band recently received an invitation to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

          The Ohio State Marching Band has performed at several large events: Ohio State football games, homecoming parades and NFL games. However, none have been as big as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

          George Smith, a member of the marching band, is excitedly awaiting this once in a lifetime event.

          “It’s a very different performance... We’re a marching band so we usually do all of our performances on a football field” Smith said. “It will be fun for us to learn a different type of routine outside of the traditional marching band performance on a football field.”

          Smith also shared some of the struggles he is anticipating going into the parade such as the fact that the band has never done a performance of this caliber. The Thanksgiving Day performance transitions between marching in the parade and a stationary performance, which is unique for the band. The unprecedented length of the performance is also seen as a challenge that they may run into.

          “It’s going to be exhausting, but definitely worth it,” Smith said.

          In preparation for the performance, the band has two hours of rehearsal each day, and each member has the responsibility of memorizing music for the performances throughout the week. At the rehearsals, they spend time learning the drill and new choreography, and the music for the performance separately. Upon getting familiar with both, the band then integrates both the drill and the new choreography, putting the final touches on the performance before officially unveiling the final product.

          With such intensive preparation, the Ohio State community is looking forward to seeing the marching band represent the Buckeyes on the national stage later this month.