Activating a World of Wellness

A roundup of resources because who really knows what’s going on

April 2020

story & design: akane ohara

Our twenties are a time of exciting opportunities and life changes. We intern in new cities, experience and graduate college, get our first job, move away from our families and meet new people in hip new cities. But, how do we navigate all this change? It’s okay to not have it all figured out and each sphere of wellness is something we can work towards achieving. Some areas will take more work while others may come more naturally. With various realms to wellness, there’s much to think and act on. However you choose to handle wellness, buckle up and join us on this journey!

Exploring the six dimensions of wellness


1. Intellectual Wellness

What better time in your life to discuss intellectual wellness than while you are still in school. How can you expand your knowledge during and outside of class?

  • There are so many domains of learning: creative, logical, kinesthetic, linguistic, existential, etc.

  • How does your existing knowledge supplement your learning goals?

  • Helpful Resources: TED, Duolingo, Blinkist, Enki, How Stuff Works


2. Professional Wellness

So you’ve landed an amazing internship or job but have you mastered professional wellness? Learning how to manage your career is essential to determining your definition and game plan for success. 

  • Talk to experts (OCM!) and peers to gauge your work experiences

  • How does your job compare to the industry in terms of work life balance, incentives and satisfaction?

  • Helpful Resources: Glassdoor, Kununu, LinkedIn, Trello


3. Social Wellness

A key component of social wellness is how you interact with your peers, but it’s equally important to understand how you want to be supported.

  • Decide how much you want to integrate your professional and personal relationships

  • Are you strictly an extrovert or introvert or does it depend on the circumstance?

  • Helpful Resources: Google Calendar, Thinking Talents, Way of Life

4. Mental Wellness

Mental wellness ranges from daily meditation to to-do lists. How do you productively approach your busy life?

  • Try different methods of getting in tune with yourself: journaling, talking with friends or family, meditating, etc.

  • Do you work better under high or low stress situations?

  • Helpful Resources: Smiling Mind, Reflectly, Moodpath, Aloe


5. Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is important for your health but does a cycling/yoga/zumba/HIIT class relieve or create stress? How accommodating is your schedule?

  • Follow local studios and gyms for easy access to schedules, promotions, and livestream classes

  • Many communities offer free outdoor workout classes

  • Helpful Resources: ClassPass, MindBody,  Sworkit, Charity Miles (give back and hit those steps!)


6. Financial Wellness

There’s more to financial wellness than budgeting. How do you want to spend your money during your 20s?

  • Use sites like Money Under 30 to learn how to file your taxes or start saving for your first home.

  • Set short and long term goals and aspirations

  • Helpful Resources: Mint, Wally, You Need A Budget